Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lily and J.C.'s Wedding

Lily and JC's wedding was a little bit of a surprise to us. They are both very witty and humorous. So it caught us a little by surprise that their ceremony turned out to be really sweet and emotional for everyone.
This shot above was taken at their ceremony location, The Reef in Long Beach. It got dark pretty fast, so we didn't get to take any sunset shots during the ceremony. But the lights reflecting off the Long Beach shoreline in the background came out beautiful, too.
A photo of the beautiful cake from outside the reception room.
Lily and JC enjoy a cigar with family in the outdoor patio at The Reef.
Congratulations, Lily and JC!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Redondo Beach Pier, Crabs and Hats!

We spent some time in Redondo Beach today. We got two Santa Barbara female crabs, and while we were waiting for them to get steamed, we wandered around the arcade. Julia couldn't resist an old childhood favorite and put some quarters into those machines where you aim and drop a quarter in and wait for the "hand" to push the quarter into slots to see if any fall off the edge... She got zilch. Eddie had better luck and actually managed to push 4 quarters off the edge! But sadly, no quarters came out; only tokens! Unsure of what to do, we went to the token redemption center looking through the useless knick-knacks... We were about to head back to the games to see if we could score some more tokens for a decent prize when we stumbled upon these French hats for 2 tokens each! :D For some reason it was really amusing to us... I guess you had to be there! Anyway, we got two matching hats for the value of a quarter each. Not bad, we think; and it turned out to be kind of cold, so we were actually grateful for it! The hard part was trying to find a person to take this photo for us. Would you believe, two different arcade employees refused to take it for us?? Maybe they were jealous of us, who knows? :D

Those of you who live in the area or plan to be in the area, take Torrance Boulevard westbound all the way to the end, and you will find yourself in the parking lot. Go down the parking lot steps, make a sharp right, and you will find yourself standing in front of Quality Seafood. Order the Santa Barbara females. They are our favorites, and you will often find them filled with yummy crab eggs. A good sized crab usually runs around $6 to $7. Very affordable and very yummy. We also had some fried calamari and a slab of garlic bread to soak up the crab juices.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Marymount College X'Mas Party

We were hired to do a set-up for the Marymount College staff Christmas party this year. It was great! There were so many nice people! The group photo above is of the sisters that started it all at Marymount! Aren't they lovely?

The college not only gave all the staff frames as gifts, but they are also providing them each a 5X7 photo to put in the frames.

Online gallery is coming soon...

Here is Eddie checking the lighting set-up...