Friday, July 10, 2009

Brenda and Vic's Wedding

Brenda and Vic got married on Tuesday at Cafe Piccolo in Long Beach. They had a very small, but charming and intimate ceremony followed by a nice luncheon with friends and family. Congratulations Brenda and Vic!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Amy and Cameron's Wedding

Amy and Cameron got married at The Grand in Long Beach. This was our first time doing a wedding at this venue. Eddie was very happy with the place. He thinks the lighting was good.
Julia liked the venue well enough, but wasn't entirely happy with how hard it was to maneuver for ceremony shots...
Here is Amy...
Cameron in his military uniform, goofing off with his buddies.
Eddie managed to get the couple's face through the trellis.

This was one of only a few couples we never got to meet until the day of the wedding. We have to say, not only were they a great couple, but their families and friends were also great.

We thought the wedding was great. It was well planned, nicely done, and everyone had a lot of fun!

One more kiss before we headed out...
Congratulations, Amy and Cameron! And thank you for your service! :)